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Sculpture Commissions

Art Dilella has over 35 years experience with sculpture commissions.

Dilella has had commissions from clients such as the Ontario Science Centre, Environment Canada, Canada Basketball, the Heritage Warplane Museum, the National Capital Commission, and Thinkway Toys.

Commissions have included such work as portraiture, awards and medals, replica models, toy prototypes, etc.

Dilella has also done collaborative work with renowned Canadian artists.


About artist

Art Dilella is a Canadian artist, born in 1956 in Toronto. He attended the Ontario College of Art and studied under Leonhard Oesterle and Pixi Shaw. He graduated in 1979 with a degree in General Studies. He went on to apprentice under artists May Marx, Dorothy Wilson, and Guy Boyd.

In 1980 he founded Sculpture Moulds, a professional sculpture studio specializing in commissioned sculpture, customized mould making, and casting. Sculpture Moulds works in conjunction with the MST foundry and ArtCast foundry to provide bronze castings using the lost-wax process.

He has worked in collaboration with renowned artists such as Tom Dean, Abraham Anghik Ruben, General Idea, Luis Jacob, Chris Curreri, Jana Sterbak, Siggy Puchta, and Joe Rosenthal.

Dilella’s sculpture has always been rooted in exploration and experimentation. Exploring and experimenting with different mediums, concepts, and emotions is the cornerstone of his artistic philosophy. His most recent work of hyper-realistic portraits (see gallery) has been an amalgamation of experimentation and exploration of anatomical structures, various materials, and emotive states. His experimentation allows for the enrichment of his own artistic journey, and allows for a more diverse audience. Whether working with traditional materials or themes, he is constantly exposing a modern twist, and an unexpected challenge to his audience.

Dilella is married with three children, and currently works and resides in Toronto, Canada.

sculptor, portrait artist, mould maker, hyper-realism, Canadian sculpture
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